Mastering audio engineering for your music.


Audio mastering

Give the deserved quality to your music! Mastering is the final step in the production process. After recording and mixing, the mastering engineer control the quality, balances the sound elements and optimizes the track for playback and distribution on a variety of systems and formats.

ListeningObjectively analytic
ProcessingLess is more
MasteringYour final product

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Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

To make the analogy with a painting, mastering is for a song like varnishing to embellish the painter's work. It is the last step to finalize a track as a commercial product for its release on the market.

Podcasts, DJ


Many years of working in audio projects - first as a DJ, then as a podcaster and in mixing - have developed my expertise in sound related processes and mastering techniques.

Services and prices

  • Mastering for Digital: on request
  • Pré-mastering for Vinyl: on request
  • Audio restoration: on request
  • Vinyl digitization: on request

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Mastered works' Spotify playlist

DJ Tuttle - France
Metrohm label - France
Biz - Australia
La Belle Vie Music - France
Ken Ishii - Japan
Stephane Seroussi - France
Phil Hent - Netherlands
City 2 City - France
MSTE - Netherlands
Mark Taylor - USA
Satoshi Fumi - Japan
Theobald Ringer - France
Jules Wells - France
Yanix - France
Kanikule label - France
Andrea Ghirotti - Italy
Mateo Relief - France
Antony Dupont - France
Fabien Storm - France
Apéro Michto label - France
OnE EaR - France
Woody McBride - USA
Ginga Music - Portugal
Bárbara Goes - Brazil
John Thomas - France
Btrax label - France
Blue Deal - Germany
Tio Manuel - France
Keskifonk - France
Luke Delite - France
Isaac Gueye - France
Helene Brahem - France
Franck Cassy - France

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  • Professional and reactive, a real pleasure to work with Aurelien. He mastered the remixes of our 25 years compilation with care and a rare precision without denaturing the dynamics and color of the tracks. We highly recommend him!

    Ben & Malone - Composer, Producer, BTRAX Records label founder - Paris, France
  • First mastering with Aurelien and I'm more than delighted! He is professional, attentive, takes time to do a job that few will do with such passion, and the result is there! He managed to push the audio materials to a maximum level without distorting the dynamics or the color of the tracks, it's not with everyone that you can have this kind of result today. And on top of that, he's a lovely human person. Long live AC7 Diffusion Mastering!!!

    John Thomas - Composer, Producer, Ginga Music label founder - Paris, France
  • John said it all!! Whether it is for the quality of the exchanges (very professional and attentive) or that of the final result (power and clarity beyond all expectations) we could not be happier!! Well done, looking forward to working together again.

    Bárbara Goes - Composer, Producer, Ginga Music - Brazil
  • Thank you Aurelien, for your professionalism and your advice.

    Johann Gehrig aka oNe EaR - Composer, Producer, Apéro Michto label founder - Nantes, France
  • Reactivity and professionalism, a very good analysis of the project to achieve an impeccable result above my expectations! Thank you Aurelien for your work!!!

    Fabien Storm - Composer, Producer - Saint-Gilles, France
  • Excellent mastering studio, mastered my last EP: Mateo Relief - Take Control, I highly recommend

    Mateo Relief - Composer, Producer - Troyes, France
  • Already three mastered tracks and each time it is a faultless one. I'm not ready to let go! Thank you AC7 Diffusion!!!

    Jules Wells - Composer, Producer - Bordeaux, France
  • Mastered two techno Tracks for my upcoming ep. Sensational quality on my works! I think I will contact again this guy in the future for my projects!

    Andrea Ghirotti - Composer, Producer - Ferrara, Italy
  • I thank Aurelien Clement (aureliensmart) for his work on the mastering he knew how to sublimate the emotions on this track thank you for your work.

    Y A N I X aka Yannick Vicente - Composer, Producer, Kanikule Records label founder - Aubiet, France
  • Aurelien did an incredible job and his professionalism was really present every step of the way.

    Peter Elmaloglou aka Biz - Composer, Producer - Bellingen, Australia
  • Meticulous and attentive ... A collaborative spirit that results from precision and quality work on each request. Do not hesitate a single second! Many thanks to AC7 Diffusion Mastering.

    Fabien Gagliardi - La Belle Vie Music - Paris, France
  • Top mastering! Very professional, I recommend.

    Thibault Le Cleach aka Theobald Ringer - Composer, Producer - Brest, France
  • Thanks for the mastering work! Aurelien pick the right elements from my track and enhanced it :-). Very good communication and collaboration.

    Gerwin van Engelenburg - Composer, Producer - Veenendaal, Netherlands
  • Very happy with the mastering done for MSTE. Lots of air and nice translucent masters.

    Michiel Stehouwer aka MSTE - Composer, Producer - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Gentleman has breathed new life into my track with his audiomagic .. Definitely recommended for mastering tracks! .. Aurelien thanks again!

    Phil Hent - Composer, Producer - Monster, Netherlands
  • A very clean and neat job!!!

    Franck aka City 2 City - Composer, Producer - Montpellier, France
  • The master sounds good and tight to me. You can go ahead. - Ken

    Ken Ishii - DJ, Composer, Producer - Tokyo, Japan
  • Excellent job of old acid house audio mix restoring, very good job.

    DJ Tuttle - DJ, Composer, Modulhertz Label - Nancy, France
  • Work neat and listening to the customer, I highly recommend!

    Tevatron - DJ, Composer, Metrohm label founder - Aix en Provence, France
  • Why choose AC7 Diffusion mastering

    Enhance your sound

    Flesh out your final mix with a subtle ear-flattering touch by making your track sound like a finished product.

    Tailored mastering

    Support you objectively by operating a mastering adapted to your music.

    Studio mastering equipments and tools

    PSI Audio, Prism Sound, Dutch Audio, Foote Control Systems (Roger Foote), Rupert Neve Designs, Manley Labs, Maselec, Handsome Audio, Curuxa Customs, Freevox Audio, Ollo Audio, Mogami, Van Damme, Amphenol, Neutrik, Fabfilter, Weiss, Brainworx, Flux Audio, Klanghelm, MeterPlugs, Goodhertz, Izotope.

    Room acoustic treatment

    GIK Acoustics monster bass traps, PSI Audio Avaa's C20, Andy Mac Door MDD-400-16 diffusers, Skum Acoustics SCHÄCK WD mid-range absorbers, Trinnov Audio ST2-Pro.

    Digital audio workstation

    Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11.

    Digitalization equipments

    Shure, Technics, Sennheiser, Marantz Professional.