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Audio mastering

A faithful passion for the sound that has driven me for many years after long experience as DJ, podcaster then now as mastering audio engineer.

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Aurelien Sm'Artas DJ

What I do

Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

To make the analogy with a painting, mastering is for a song like varnishing to embellish the painter's work. It is the last step to finalize a track as a commercial product for its release on the market.

Podcasts, DJ

Podcasts, DJ

Many years working as a DJ have developed my expertise in mixing processes and then a taste for the creation of audio content and thematic programs like podcasts shows.


  • Mastering for Digital
  • Mastering for Vinyl
  • Podcasts creation
  • Voice-over recording
  • Audio restoration
  • Audio transfer (Vinyl to digital)
  • DJ services (events)
  • DJ-Mix

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Your opinion is valuable to me.

It makes me feel good to make you feel proud.

Why choose AC7 Diffusion mastering

1. Quality

Your satisfaction is my commitment. I will know how to flesh out your final mix with a subtle touch that flatters the ear and makes your track sound like a finished product.

2. Open mind

It is practice makes perfect. This is my motto. I am constantly learning on new technic as soon as new projects are coming to me. Thus, I am humbly working in a continuous improvement spirit of my own processes to deliver you the best result.

3. Less is more!

As real sound craftsmen, I am providing a tailor-made mastering service (no preset). Each audio track is a new blank sheet. I will be able to support you objectively by using the proper "mastering pencil" treatment.

4. Handcraft analog mastering

I ensure mastering process of your music in my studio. I operate your mastering through a chain of precision audio gears to elevate your tracks to pro-grade music standard industry by taking care on appropriate loudness, dynamics, and by using my best tool: my ears.

5. International coverage

Worldwide mastering service. Easy making contact and smooth communication is ensured by using modern collaborative conferencing tools allowing to deal on your specifications and requirements like reference tracks and your overall expectations.

6. Mastering equipements

Monitoring: PSI Audio A21-M + A225-M (Swiss made precision monitors) & Ollo S4X (reference headphone) - AD/DA converter: Prism Sound Atlas - Equalizers: Coleman Audio CA500M - Switchs: Coleman Audio TC4 & Custom master insert - Dynamics: IGS Tubecore 3U Mastering Edition, Freevox Audio Sound Warmer, Bettermaker Darthlimiter.

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